Mr. Aslam has demonstrated outstanding professional leadership and entrepreneurial capabilities during the last 30 years of his career since the completion of his Bachelors and Masters Degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

A key accomplishment of his career was the creation and successful progression of a major multinational firm Meinhardt (Pakistan) Pvt. Ltd, in Pakistan. Mr. Aslam was a founding Director of the Company and remained exclusively incharge of the Company’s operations from 1992 to 2010. During the time, the Company which made a very modest beginning from his residence, for the initial three years, became a leading multi-disciplinary consulting firm in Pakistan with offices at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The Company being a part of the Meinhardt International Group also undertook several international assignments in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, China and the Middle East.

Mr. Aslam has since, played a leading role in organizing the Arête Group, which comprises ProMag Pvt Ltd - Development Advisory & Project Management, LOCii INC - Urban Planning & Architecture and Infraplan - Infrastructure Planning & Engineering. As its CEO, Mr. Aslam provides professional and entrepreneurial leadership to an outstanding group of professionals who are spearheading some of the most prestigious projects internationally and in Pakistan.

Since Mr. Aslam has, for more than two decades, been solely responsible for creating, leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams of professionals, he has a unique understanding of large-scale projects involving multidisciplinary faculties. He has, therefore, been responsible for successful execution of many diverse projects including infrastructure, land development, industrial and buildings.

At the inception of his career, in Pakistan, Mr. Aslam had also worked on prestigious infrastructure projects at A. A. Associates and later undertook a deputation from another consulting firm as Project Manager on the World Bank sponsored Karachi Mass Transit Project.

While maintaining a fulltime consulting career, Mr. Aslam has also expanded his post-graduate academic horizons in Corporate Finance and Economics. Furthermore, he has been actively involved in Post-graduate Teaching and Research in Civil Engineering in the country. He has taught a number of Post-graduate courses at NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi and the Military College of Engineering at Risalpur.

He has also maintained an active professional interaction with financial/ development institutions and undertaken a number of advisory assignments related to Real Estate and Infrastructure Development including his engagement on the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) Task Force for creating a regulatory framework for REIT structures in Pakistan.

Mr. Aslam also represented, for 2 years, as an independent Director on one of the only two REIT Management Companies in the country. He is advising on a number of projects which are based on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) financing initiatives and are being created for Public Institutions in the country.

His core experience includes contract management of large scale projects and was also nominated on the Dispute Resolution Board of the, USD 800 million, under-construction Benazir Bhutto International Airport at Islamabad for a period of about 4 years. He has also been nominated by CAAP on the Arbitration Tribunal of Multan International Airport.


Education & Affiliations


  • GCE 'O' Levels, University of London, 1980
  • Bachelor of Science (Civil Engineering)The University of Texas at Austin, Texas – 1985
  • Master of Science (Engineering) The University of Texas at Austin, Texas – 1987
  • Post-graduate Studies in Corporate Finance and Economics


  • Tau Beta Pi, National Engineering Honor Society (USA)
  • Chi Epsilon, National Civil Engineering Honor Society (USA)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Engineers, Pakistan
  • Member, Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Member, Project Management Institute (USA)
  • Member, Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics (UK)

Teaching & Research

1988 - 1994
Visiting Member of the Postgraduate Faculty (Master's Degree Program) NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan.
Taught a number of Graduate Courses at the University.

Also associated with the Military College of Engineering, Risalpur as an External Examiner for the Master's Degree Programme and Supervisor of Post Graduate Research during 1990 - 1991.

Taught an accelerated course titled Airport Pavement Design (1990)at the College.
Also, supervised postgraduate research for Master's Degree thesis.

Received the College Shield (Award) for supervising the very first thesis in Transportation Engineering at the College (1991)

1986 - 1987
Research Assistant at the Centre for Transportation Research,
The University of Texas at Austin

Conducted Post-graduate Research sponsored by Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration.

The research resulted in papers/publications and concluded in a Master's thesis.

Relevant Projects


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